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STOCKTON, St Michael 3: 9cwt in G - Limited Ringing

Grid Reference 151/437635 Stockton Church - Source: Mapio
Postcode CV47 8JF
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals None
Sunday 10.00-10.30 (4th Sunday)
Practice None
Other Information Church Website


The first reference to a church in Stockton is during the reign of Henry I, between 1100 and 1135. It was founded by Rob de Limesi. In those days, different people (Lords of the Manor, important families, and so on) had the right to appoint a priest for the parish. This right passed through several families, until 1824, when New College, Oxford, bought it. The College still has the right to a say in the appointment of a priest in Stockton The original church was probably built of wood and burnt down. Three parts of the church were rebuilt starting around 1530:

  • The oldest part is the south wall of the chancel (14th century)
  • Then the tower - may be 15th century
  • Then the arch leading into the chancel

The rest of the alterations to the church, until those recently completed, began in 1809. It is built of brown and red sandstone

These bells were said to be unringable, due to poor frame design which left one truss almost free-standing and the poor state of the fittings. Some work carried out in October 2018, particularly to the wheels, means that they can be rung on limited occasions.

Fittings are by White of Appleton, installed in the late 19th century. They hang in an oak frame by an unknown local carpenter, it being installed in 1817.

They have been quarter turned and retain their canons. The Watts bells are very fine in their tone. The tenor is "maiden". The treble has been chip-tuned to raise its note, it is still a little flat of where it should be. The second's note has been deepened by chip tuning.

The inscriptions of the bells are given in Tilley and Walters' book,  "The Church Bells of Warwickshire"

Details of the Bells

1 Newcombe, Leicester       1608  5¾cwt  31.00"   956.5Hz (Bb+44c)
2 Hugh Watts II, Leicester  1622  7cwt   33.375"  873.5Hz (A-13c)
3 Hugh Watts II, Leicester  1620  9cwt   37.00"   786.5Hz (G+6c)

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East The Church Door  
 The Church - Looking East  The Church Door - November 11th 2018  
The Bells The Frame The Frame
Two of the bells - showing the hoop gudgeons Two views of the frame, showing the poor design
The Wheel The Wheel The Clapper
Two views showing the poor state of some of the wheels   The clapper design
The Treble The Second  
The Treble's wheel has been refurbished
and metalwork has been treated
The 2nd's wheel has been rebuilt  
The Bells - Up The Bells - Up The Ringing Chamber
The Bells in the "Up" position    

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