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SECKINGTON All Saints 4, 5-3-24 in Bb (GF)

Grid Reference 140/260074 Seckington Church - Source: St Martin's Guild
Postcode B79 0LD
Recording None Available
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None


The church consists of a chancel, nave, south porch, and west tower with a spire. The chancel is probably of late-13th-century origin, although its east and south windows date from about 1330, when it was remodelled and the nave, tower, and porch were rebuilt. The tower and spire were rebuilt in 1883 with the re-use of much of the original material, and there were other very drastic restorations in the 19th century, when the east window is said to have been widened. Most of the tracery of the other windows is modern and whether always of the original designs is not certain.

Tilley & Walters list the bells in the wrong order - probably because they rearranged them in ascending order of weight. The third is heavier than the tenor. They give the correct inscriptions, however:

The frame was built for the two existing bells, now the treble and tenor in 1883, at the time that the tower was rebuilt from the ground as a faithful copy of the previous one. The frame was extended in 1886 when the middle two bells were added at a cost of £130. The fittings, which still are those installed in 1886. were overhauled by Gordon Lane of Kingsbury in 1970.

A nice ring of four, just in need of two trebles! The treble and tenor have had their canons removed, the middle bells retain their canons.

Details of the Bells

1 Robert Mellours, Nottingham.    c1520  3-1-24  26.25"  1232.5Hz (Eb-17c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1886  4-2-24  28.25"  1159.5Hz (D-22c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1886  6-2-27  32.25"  1034.5Hz (C-20c)
4 Hugh Watts II, Leicester         1640  5-3-24  32.00"   921.0Hz (Bb-21c)
Note that the third is heavier than the tenor.

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson The Church - Looking West. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West
Plan of the Church. Source: British History Online
Plan of the Church

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