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WINDERTON, SS Peter & Paul 3, 10-1-8 in G

Grid Reference 151/325405 Winderton Church - Source: Steve Bullman
Postcode OX15 5JQ
Peals None
Date Lost 1981


"Winderton, a hamlet, 2 miles north-east, is the property of the Marquess of Northampton K.G. The church of SS. Peter and Paul, on the south side of Winderton hill, was erected in 1878 at a cost of £7,000, by the Rev. Canon Thoyts, vicar of Honington 1877-9, and now rector of Ashe, Hants, as a memorial to his parents, on a site given by the Marquess of Northampton, and was consecrated by the Bishop of Worcester in June, 1879, having been previously opened for divine service by Episcopal license in November, 1878: the church is an exquisite specimen of the Early English style, and consists of chancel, nave, vestry, and a massive tower at the south-west angle, with a short oak-shingled spire, rising to the height of 90 feet, and containing 3 bells, the tenor weighing 13 cwt.; the lower stage of the tower forms a spacious arcaded porch: the chancel terminates in a semicircular apse of five bays, enriched with a double arcade of marble and alabaster shafts, the upper portion being pierced by five lancet windows; north of the chancel is a vestry, reached through a wide arch subdivided into two smaller, supported by a rich shaft of Devonshire marble: the nave roof is of pitch pine, but that of the chancel, together with the benches of the nave, communion table, pulpit and choir stalls, is of polished oak the windows, representing in regular series the chief events of our Lord’s life, are all stained, being for the most part memorials presented by the founder, by Mr. Spencer, of Chelmscote, and by the architect; the remaining fittings, including a font and brass lectern, were the gifts of friends: all the works at this church were carried out in conjunction with the restoration at Brailes, from the designs of the same architect; there are 120 sittings.

Kelly's Directory of Warwickshire (1896)"

The bells were installed when the church was built and were hung for ringing. An unusual three, the notes being D, B and G. The bells were ringable, and were occasionally rung for services by the Brailes band until the church was closed. The bells were taken down in February 1981. The metal was used to provide two trebles each at Harbury and Wellesbourne with some left over to provide one of the four new trebles at Wolston.

The removal of the bells is reported in the April 2nd 1982 edition of The Ringing World:

I understand that the church has been converted into a private residence.

Details of the Bells

1 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel  1877   5-2-06
2 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel  1877   6-3-11
3 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel  1877  10-1-08 39.50"

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