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RATLEY, St Peter 4, 5-1-1 in B

Grid Reference 151/383473 Ratley Church - Source: A MacRae Thomson
Postcode OX15 6DS
Peals None
Date Lost 1979
Other Information Benefice Website


The church consists of a chancel, south chapel, nave, south aisle, north porch, and west tower. The whole fabric, except the 15th-century porch, dates from the 14th century, but the foundations may be partly on the lines of an earlier building. It was begun about 1340 and continued in several spells, finishing with the top stage of the tower, which is late-14th-century work. It is remarkable for the variety of its window tracery and, judging from the north windows of the nave, it is probable that the Black Death interfered for a time with the progress of the work. The roofs were replaced in the 18th and early 19th centuries, and there have been later restorations, including that of the east window, which had probably suffered in earlier alterations.

This unringable 3 was hung dead in a new "frame" in 1979 by Taylor's and augmented to become a chime of 4 by the addition of a new treble in 1985. Previously they hung in a four bell frame, though the spare pit was never occupied. The inscriptions of the older bells is given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire":

They are chimed using trigger action clappers attached to 4 separate ropes i.e. not an Ellacombe apparatus.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1985  2-3-20
2 George Mears,London             1859  3-2-02
3 Henry Bagley, Chacombe          1677  3-3-20
4 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe        1763  5-1-01  31.125"

Photo Gallery

Ratley Church - Looking East. Source: A MacRae Thomson
The Church - Looking East
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