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MAPPLEBOROUGH GREEN, Holy Ascension 8, Tubular Bells in Ab

Grid Reference 151/087674 Mappleborough Green Church - Source: Keith Chambers
Postcode B80 7DJ
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The church was opened for worship in 1888 at which time a set of 8 tubular bells was supplied by Harrington, Latham & Co. The church was financed by Sir William Jaffray, Bart. of Skilts in memory of his wife and who continued to support the church until his death in 1914. The stained glass is said to be exceptionally beautiful. The Dedication sermon was preached by The Lord Bishop of Worcester. (The Church was included in the Worcester Diocese). The building specifications are recorded in a document written at the time of the Church’s unveiling. ‘For its size the Church has an aspect of unusual dignity due alike to the excellent proportions designed by the architect and to the skilful manner in which the constructional ornament is combined with severe simplicity of general lines.’

The normal Harrington chiming rack has been turned by the locals into a basic clavier keyboard (with the use of broom handles).

Details of the Bells

1  64.00"
2  66.00"
3  70.00"
4  74.50"
5  79.00"
6  91.50"
7  87.50"
8  92.00"

Photo Gallery

The Church, Looking East The Tubes The Plaque
 The Church - Looking East The Tubes Harringtons Nameplate 

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