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COVENTRY*, St Osburg (RC) 8 Tubular Bells 

Grid Reference 140/327793 Coventry St Osburg Church - Source: A MacRae Thompson
Postcde CV1 4AP
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This church was built in Upper Hill Street between 1843-5 in order to cope with the rapidly expanding Catholic population of Coventry.  It has a handsome tower and spire at the South-West of the church.  The body of the church was badly damaged by bombing on the night of "The Coventry Blitz", 14-15 November 1940.  It was repaired enough for services to recommence by April 1944, but was not fully refurbished until 1952.

The tower contains a bell by J Murphy of Dublin, which was cast in 1851, weighing about 13¾cwt.  This was originally hung for ringing, though it has been sounded by means of a rope being tied to the clapper for many years.  It seems likely that it has not been swung since around 1890 when a set of tubular bells from the local factory of Harrington, Latham & Co was installed.  The tubes have long gone, but the chiming manual remains in place in the room below the bell chamber and the remains of the wooden framework for the tubes remains above the frame for the bell.  It is not known exactly when the tubes were installed and removed.

(Most of this information is quoted directly (with permission) from the research notes of Chris Pickford)

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8 Tubular bells

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