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Chimes of the United Kingdom and Ireland

This is an Excel spreadsheet containing details of the chimes of bells in the British Isle.  This, therefore, includes the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man. etc. Where chimes are shown as, for example, 10 + 2  this means that the tower contains 12 chiming bells, a diatonic 10 and 2 semitones. You can download a copy by clicking on the download icon at the bottom right of the data, the left hand one of the group of four.  You can view it as a full size spreadsheet by clicking on the right hand icon of the goup of four.

This data will inevitably contain some errors. Please let me know of any corrections/amendments I need to make. 

My thanks go to several of you who have already sent me much valuable data!

I have split the data into separate lists according to type of chime. 

Mike Chester

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your comments and updates to me - thanks!

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