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STONELEIGH ABBEY, Gatehouse 5, 2-0-25½ in G#

Grid Reference 140/317712 Stoneligh Abbey Gatehouse - Source: Edward T
Postcode CV8 2LF
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A clock chime housed under the eaves of the roof of the chamber over the main archway. There has been a clock here since at least the early eighteenth century, perhaps much earlier given the dates of some of the quarter bells. 

The quarter bells are on the right of the clock and the hour bell on the left. The quarter bells sound the notes expected of a conventional Cambridge chime, but the hour bell is a tone higher than 4th quarter. This bell was substituted for an earlier one that was 2-0-26 in weight when delivered to the foundry.

There are two other bells at the Abbey - an alarm bell by C & G Mears, 1845 - 23", 2¾cwt and a disused modern bell by Whitechapel 1955 - 18.875", 1-2-8. The latter replaced a beel cast in 1706 by Abraham Rudhall I, weighing 0-2-12.

(Most of the above information is quoted directly (with permission) from the research notes of Chris Pickford)

Details of the Bells

Q1    H Oldfield, Nottingham    1620       14.125"  D#
Q2    H Oldfield, Nottingham    1620       14.875"  C#
Q3    Newcombe, Leicester      c1580       16.50"   B
Q4    Unknown                   Early C19  21.5"    F#
Hour  C & G Mears, Whitechapel  1851       2-0-25½  G#

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