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CATHERINE-DE-BARNES, St Catherine-de-Barnes 3, 2-2-6

Grid Reference 139/179802 Catherine-de_Barnes Church - Source: M Chester Catherine-de_Barnes Church - Source: M Chester
Postcode B91 2JT
Other Information Church History


In 1879 a dual purpose chapel and day school was opened in Hampton Lane at the expense of Joseph Gillott, a wealthy pen manufacturer. It was not a church in that is was not under the auspices of The Church of England. On his death in 1903 his estate was sold and a group of trustees were able to buy the building. In 1937  The Charity Commission passed the administration and management of the property to The Church of England.  Due to falling attendances, the number of services was reduced to one a month on May 2007 and ceased altogether after the final service on Sunday, June 20th 2010. The bulding is now managed by local residents as "Trustees"

Over the centre of the building is a timber framed turret containing three bells that are hung dead, with the tenor on top of the other two. The bells, which have canons, are sounded via ropes that are connected to the clappers.

Although the school was closed a number of years ago the building continues to serve the community as the village hall.

The Sanctuary at the east end of the building is furnished for worship but this is curtained off when the building is used for community events.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1878  0-3-08 17.00"
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1878  1-2-17 18.50"
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1878  2-2-06 21.00"

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