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OLDBERROW, St Mary 3: 5cwt in C - Unringable

Grid Reference 151/121659 Oldberrow Church - Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson
Postcode B95 5NT
Recording None Available
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals None
Sunday None
Practice None
Other Information Unringable


Oldberrow was in Worcestershire until 1896. It was part of a 3 mile long by half a mile wide strip of land that stuck up into Warwickshire between Marston Bigot and Ullenhall. There is no village, but the church, rectory, and the Court lie at the crossing of four small roads

The small stone church was rebuilt in 1875 at a cost of £1256. This was largely paid for by the then rector, the Revd Samuel Peshall, who was rector for 60 years and the third generation of his family to hold the post. Some earlier features do remain, two 12th-century windows, a lancet window of the 13th century and the 14th-century south doorway, the one to north is of the 15th century and is blocked up. In the chancel there is a 12th-century piscina (restored) and an aumbury whilst the font has an archaic bowl with octagonal panels sculptured with foliage designs.[6] The east window to the memory of the Reverend Samuel D'Oyley Peshall rector between 1792 and 1859, contains a piece of old glass bearing the arms of Evesham Abbey whilst the west window is dedicated to Canon Warren who became rector in 1933. 

These bells are not in a very good state and full-circle ringing is not advised.

An unusual feature is that the stays are slotted over a T-headed bolt at their lower ends and pass through a flat ring held under the same nut as the gudgeon tail bolt. Fittings date from the rebuilding of the church in 1876. The bells hang in a western timber turret.

They are in a two level frame, treble above the others, that was constructed at the same time as the turret was built, in 1875 as part of the church rebuilding programme. The frame was thought at one time to probably be by Barwell, but now more likely to have been by a local builder.

The two trebles' notes are very close together, both approximately being F. None of the bells have been turned.

The inscriptions can be found in H. B., Walters' book, "Church Bells of Worcestershire":

Details of the Bells

1. Unknown, Long-waisted   c1549  4cwt   26.50"  1402.0Hz (F+6c)
2. John Martin, Worcester   1662  4½cwt  28.00"  1371.5Hz (F-32c)
3. John Martin, Wrocester   1674  5cwt   30.50"  1043.0Hz (C-6c)

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The Church - Looking East. Source: Wikipedia
The Church - Looking East
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