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NEWBOLD PACEY St George 4, 7cwt in B

Grid Reference 151/299571 Newbold Pacey Church - Source S Bullman
Postcode CV35 9DP
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals None
Sunday None
Practice None


A small village church along a narrow lane. Look for the small "Church" sign off the main road, not to the Hall, the other one! It is a fair distance down the lane. There is some parking near to the church.

The church consists of a chancel, south organ-chamber and vestry, nave, south transept, south aisle, and a north porch-tower. The church was entirely rebuilt in 1881–2 in the 13th-century style by Mr. J. L. Pearson, who, however, saved two late-12th-century doorways and reset them. The former south and more elaborate doorway is now on the north side, entered from the porch. The ringing room is reached via a vertical ladder in the church porch.

The frame and fittings are probably of 1881, contemporary with the present church - but by a carpenter and builder (probably James Kibler of Wellesbourne) rather than a bellhanger. (Chris Povey says that these bells are the only surviving complete ring by this foundry; other rings, e.g. Badsey and Hinton on the Green, having been augmented by other founders. They are therefore listed bells). Treble swings E-W along the South wall and the rest N-S in parallel pits on the North wall. None of the bells have been turned.

The treble is rung from the corner of the ringing room and the other 3 in a straight line down the middle of it - not using all of what is a fairly small ringing room.

The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walter's book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshrie":

There was a recent scheme which intended to rehang the bells in the existing frame and also add a treble to make them up to a ring of 5. However, it has was found that quite some money needs to be spent on the church and its future is not certain at the moment. The bell scheme has been put on hold, at best.

Details of the Bells

1 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham  1707  4cwt   26.50"   1344.0Hz (E+33c)
2 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham  1707  4½cwt  27.75"   1248.5Hz (D#+6c)
3 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham  1707  5¼cwt  29.875"  1146.0Hz (C#+57c)
4 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham  1707  7cwt   33.00"    997.5Hz (B+17c)

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