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LOWER QUINTON St Swithin 6, 13-0-27 in F# (GF)

Grid Reference 151/184470 Quinton Church - Source
Postcode CV37 8SB
Affiliation Gloucester & Bristol Ass
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday Not Known
Practice Thursday 1930-2100


St Swithun's church in Quinton is one of the most impressive parish churches in south west Warwickshire. The building owes it's present appearance largely to fourteenth century rebuilding and extension, though it's origins are earlier, as seen in the late twelfth century round arches of the south nave arcade. Inside, are fragments ol fouteenth century glass, two medieval monuments, ancient woodwork and some attractive early twentieth century glazing by Comper's pupil Geoffrey Webb. The east window is Victorian and the work of Frederick Preedy.

The date of the second is uncertain. Chris Pickford's interpretation of the documentary evidence is that it dates from 1714, but Mary Bliss (Church Bells of Gloucestershire) thinks the bell looks more like one of 1743. Either date is possible. The third and fourth were recast at Gloucester by Thomas Mears in 1842 at a cost of £51/17/6, plus £9/0/0 to Charles and John Jacques, also of Gloucester for hanging the bells and providing the fittings. They are of fairly poor tone.

The first peal on the bells was rung in 1922:


The H-frame and fittings are by Taylors, 1952 when the fifth, a Rudhall bell of 1714, was recast. It replaced a frame put up by Barwells of Birmingham in 1887. The fifth bell was cast without canons and those of the other bells have been removed and the bells quarter turned.

The first peal after the rehang was rung in 1954


N.B. This tower used, (until changed in the 9th edition), to appear in Dove as Quinton. It not the Quinton that is on the outskirts of Birmingham. The church is in Lower Quinton, South Warks. The village was transferred to Warwickshire from Gloucestershire in 1931, but remains in the Gloucester Diocese and in the North Cotswold Branch of the G & B.

Details of the Bells

1 Abel Rudhall, Gloucester          1743   5-1-16  29.25"  1231.0Hz (D#-19c)
2 Abraham Rudhall, Gloucester      c1714   4-3-26  29.50"  1094.5Hz (C#-22c)
3 Thomas Mears II, Gloucester       1842   6-2-11  32.25"   974.0Hz (B-24c)
4 Thomas Mears II, Gloucester       1842   7-1-04  34.00"   915.0Hz (A#-32c)
5 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough   1952   9-1-09  37.00"   816.0Hz (G#-31c)
6 Abel Rudhall, Gloucester          1743  13-0-27  43.125"  724.0Hz (F#-38c)

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The Church - Looking East. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson The Church - Looking West. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West

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