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LIGHTHORNE St Laurence 6, 5-2-6 in B

Grid Reference 151/335560 Lighthorne - Source M Chester
Postcode CV35 0AS
Recording - old 4
Recording - the 6
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1730-1800 (2nd) & 1000-1030 (4th)  (Check)
Practice Thursday 1915-2045


The churchstands in a valley west of the village. It is built of stone in the late-13thcentury style and consists of a chancel (28 ft. by 20 ft.), north chapel (17 ft. by 10 ft.), nave (45 ft. by 21 ft.), north aisle (8½ ft. wide), south porch, and west tower (12 ft. square). An arcade of four bays divides the nave and aisle. The west tower was rebuilt in 1771 by Samuel Eglinton and the remainder of the church in 1875–6 by John Gibson.

An old frame (probably 1773-4 with an extension of 1890 for the additional treble, the existing 1774 Matthew Bagley bell also being recast) was strengthened by insertion of supporting steel work in 1935 and 1963. Fittings by Llewellins & James, 1890. The third cracked in April 1898, but was not recast until 1913, the 1890 fittings being reused. Details of the work in 1890 were published in Bell News on September 13th 1890:

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By the end of the 1900s this was a country church with a ring of 4 reputedly in a not too good condition, the treble having a "wormy" headstock. However, I rang there in November 2001 with little indication of obvious serious problems. Ringable with a little care might have been the best way to put it. All this changed in 2006! The back 4 were retuned and hung in a 6 bell grillage. The two trebles were added later the same year. All now hang in a new galvanised steel fabricated frame. The bells have tuned up quite well, the third being originally somewhat flat of what it should have been. The new treble bell is a Coventry DG Centenary bell. The third/5th is a recast of a Henry Bagley of Chacombe bell, 1679. Canons were removed from the Llewellins bells, the Bond bell being cast flat topped and the tenor having its canons removed in 1890, at which time the existing treble of three was recast and a fourth bell added. The tenor bell is listed. Bells 3, 4 and 6 have been one-eighth turned and the 5th turned by an unspecified amount. The single ringing bell from St Peter's, Hillfields, Coventry was removed from the tower under the auspices of the Coventry DG and given to Lighthorne as metal towards the casting of the trebles.

Two peals were rung on the old four here, on 10 August 1974, 

and 11 January 1975:

They were part of a competition between two bands in the country to get the longest peal of minimus. The latter is still the Coventry Guild record number of changes to a peal on tower bells! The six were first pealed on 19th January 2008 in memory of Sir Adam Butler, the inspiration behind the restoration and augmentation project. Details of this peal are:

Located towards the edge of the main part of the village, to find the church you head west from the junction by "The Antelope Inn"

Details of the Bells

1 Whitechapel, London           2006  2-2-15  23.00"   1641.0Hz (G#-21c)
2 Whitechapel, London           2006  2-3-01  24.00"   1473.0Hz (F#-8c)
3 Llewellins & James, Bristol   1890  2-3-10  26.125"  1317.5Hz (E-1c)
4 Llewellins & James, Bristol   1890  3-1-09  27.375"  1234.0Hz (D#-15c)
5 Bond & Son, Burford           1913  4-1-01  29.125"  1102.0Hz (C#-11c)
6 Worcester Foundry            c1410  5-2-06  31.94"    985.0Hz (B-5c)

Photo Gallery

lighthorne2_small lighthorne3_small  
The Tenor The Third   
lighthorne4_small lighthorne5_small  
The Fifth The Tenor
Notice the tuning marks
lighthorne6_small lighthorne7_small lighthorne8_small
The Rehung Bells The Bells Awaiting Hanging The Centenary Bell
 Damage to the church caused by a fallen tree: 1905    

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