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BISHOP'S TACHBROOK St Chad 3, 6-3-10 in Bb

Grid Reference 151/314614 Bishops Tachbrook Church - Source: David Kelly
Postcode CV33 9RJ
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals None
Sunday 0930-0950 (Check)
Practice Tuesday 1930-2100 (Check)


Parts of the church go back to the 12th Century. The old font is probably earlier, possibly Saxon. The aisle and tower were added in the late 14th and early 15th Century. The Victorians rebuilt parts of the chancel.

These bells are ringable and have a local band. They are in an old wooden frame,truss 6.A and layout 3.3. Rehung (in the tower) with new fittings by Taylors in 1893 and put on ball bearings by the same firm in 1936. The weight of the tenor given is prior to canon removal and is therefore only an estimate. There is a recent, 1997, upstairs ringing room that is rather plush compared to most rings of 3! There is also a separate clock bell by Thomas Mears, 1843, 24.24", 3-0-11. 1653.0Hz (Ab-9c).

The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire":

There is some hope that the bells may be augmented in the future, an inspection was carried out by the Guild in 2001 and quotations obtained to augment to 6. The local ringers are keen to have more bells in their tower, but recent spending on a church building project means that this is not imminent.

The church is just off the main road through the village, on Church Hill.

Details of the Bells

1 John Martin, Worcester      1653  4¾cwt  29.75"   1173.5Hz (D-2c)
2 Richard Sanders, Stratford  1719  5¾cwt  30.50"   1040.5Hz (C-10c)
3 William Brooke, Bromsgrove  1740  6-3-10 34.375"   896.5Hz (Bb-68c)


Photo Gallery

Looking East. Source: A MacRae-Thompson Looking West. Source: A MacRae-Thompson Plan of the Church. Source: British History Online
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West Plan of the Church

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