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BEDWORTH All Saints 8, 14-0-18 in G

Grid Reference 140/359689 Bedworth Church - Source: David Kelly
Postcode CV12 8NH
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1030-1100 & 1800-1830
Practice Wednesday 1830-1930
Other Information Church Website


Just north of Coventry, Bedworth is a town in its own right. The church sits prominently in the Market Place. Between 1888 and 1890 the parishioners of Bedworth rebuilt their parish church. The previous building had been completed in 1606, and was now considered unfit for purpose. The Parish Magazine of May 1882 reports how “the heat in the galleries when the gas was burning was intolerable… [and] the seats near the doors were so cold that no one could sit in them in the winter without danger.”  The Bedworth Guardian reported on how the current trend saw church worshippers demand “something higher, more aesthetic, more spiritual than the old building at Bedworth excited.”  £7,800 was raised towards the £8,000 cost by the completion of the work. Although the main building of the church was taken down the tower remained, as hoped for in an early 1882 meeting to discuss the rebuilding. . To celebrate the opening, the Rev. F.R. Evans presided over a luncheon, with a toast to Church and Queen.

The frame and fittings are by Taylor 1891 - the third being hung above the rest. They were, according to a report of a Warwickshire Guild Meeting in The Ringing World of March 217th 1931, much improved after being recently overhauled by Taylors. What this involved I am not aware of.  The ring was rehung on ball bearings by Taylors in 1957-8. There is a 16" Taylor Sanctus bell of 1889, 0-3-16, in the cote above the chancel arch.The lower frame is a cast-iron H frame on wooden sills , the third above in a composite lowside frame with wood sills and frame heads and hollow box-section main braces of cast iron.

In 1891 there were three bells, all by Watts. The second was retained, becoming the 6th of the new ring, but the treble (1627) and the tenor (1639) were recast, according to the inscriptions as the 5th & 7th of the ring. In 1876 Tilley repo:rted that ".. the 2nd and 3rd had been quarter turned, the one much deepened and the other much sharpened." The one remaining old bell has been turned. The first peal on the bells was rung after their dediationon January 20th 1892

The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire"

There was a series of articles in Bell News giving information about bells around the country and this is said about Bedworth in the edition of June 7th 1902:

"Bedworth (Warwickshire). All Saints. Midland Counties’ Association. Eight bells by Taylor and rehung by the firm 1895. Tenor 14 cwt. Iron frame. Bells go well, and are in good condition. Intermediate floor required to deaden sound in ringing-chamber, but authorities indifferent. Ropes new 1900, good. No half-pull or Sunday ringing. No practice lately."


Until recently the bells were rung from the ground floor, but a major church re-ordering project completed recently means they are now rung from upstairs. The re-ordering is very successful - there is even a small lift you can use to get upstairs! Entry to the church and thence the ringing chamber could be by either the north or south doors as there are north and south spiral staircases to get to the upper area.There is little parking by the church but there are a number of car parks nearby. A new band has started recently and visitors are welcome - please check before travelling.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891   3-1-05   24.50"  1503.0Hz (F#+27c)
2 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891   3-2-14   25.00"  1413.0Hz (E#+20c)
3 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891   4-1-14   27.00"  1255.0Hz (D#+15c)
4 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891   5-0-18   29.50"  1119.0Hz (C#+16c)
5 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891   6-3-23   32.50"   998.5Hz (B+19c)
6 Hugh Watts II, Leicester       1629   6-2-14   33.75"   945.0Hz (A#+23c)
7 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891  10-3-23   38.50"   839.5Hz (G#+18c)
8 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough  1891  14-0-18   42.50"   747.5Hz (F#+17c)

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The Old Church
The Old Church
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