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BARFORD, St Peter 6, 4-3-22 in B

Grid Reference 151/273609 Barford Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV35 8ES
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1030-1100 (1 & 3) 0900-0930 (2 & 4)
0930-1000 (occasional 5th)
Practice Monday 1930-2100 (by arrangement)


On the old A429 road from Warwick to Cirencester and beyond, Barford is a pleasant village. St Peter's church is just off this road - into the village proper at a mini roundabout near the Joseph Arch pub. Look for the signs off the recently built Barford Bypass.

The churchconsists of a chancel, north transeptal organchamber and vestry, nave, north and south aisles, south porch, and west tower. The tower dates from the end of the 14th century; the remainder of the church was rebuilt in 1844 in the style of the same period. The walls are of ashlar stonework and the roofs covered with slates. The nave arcades are of five bays. The nave and chancel roofs have hammer-beam trusses. The floors are paved with Wilmcote stone.

One of the newer rings of 6 in the Diocese, these were installed in 1994 during the incumbency of a ringing vicar, the late Gordon Benfield, being an augmentation from a ringable 3. These had been rehung by Taylors in 1909. At this point the bells were hung in a lowside frame, quarter turned and the canons were removed. The third was originally the treble of the ring of 3 at Atherstone on Stour (q.v.). It retains its canons. The two new bells were cast at Taylors on June 24th 1994.

The project was reported in The Ringing World of June 3rd 1994

"Barford bells augmentation project
Now that the faculty for this scheme has been obtained, work is going ahead to dismantle the existing three-bell installation. On Monday May 23rd a bellhanger from Taylors of Loughborough, with the assistance of local labour, removed the existing bells, fittings and part of the old frame. These items, together with the smallest of the three bells from the redundant church at Atherstone-upon-Stour, were taken to Loughborough.
The bell from Atherstone can be tuned to make a new treble for the existing three Barford bells, and to complete the augmentation to a ring of six (tenor approx. 5 cwts) two new bells are to be cast at Loughborough on Friday June 24th.
In the meanwhile various works in the tower will begin. A local building contractor is to construct a new ringing platform at a height of some nine feet from ground level. Access to this will be gained by opening an existing doorway on the tower staircase blocked up at some time. The blocking of the belfry louvres in order to control the sound level in the immediate vicinity, and the cutting of holes in the tower wall to receive another RSJ to support the extended frame, will be carried out by local volunteers led by David Ellis (Tower Captain), the whole operation being master-minded by Gordon Benfield (Rector).
Further ahead, details are less precise, but it may be possible to dedicate the augmented ring at the Harvest Festival service on Sunday October 2nd.
In conclusion, all concerned wish to record their indebtedness to Bill and Pam Dunnett of Barford, the main benefactors."

The dedication was reported in the edition of September 23rd the same yaer:

"Joyful sound at Barford
As reported in an earlier article the existing ring of three bells at St. Peter’s, Barford, Warwickshire, is being augmented to six by the additioon of one bell donated from the redundant church at Atherstone-on-Stour (near Stratford-upon-Avon), and two new bells cast at the Taylor foundry at Loughborough on Friday, June 24th.
This was the occasion of a mass exodus from Barford, when a large party of interested people visited Loughborough in order to view the casting, which took place after we had been taken on a conducted tour of the foundry. In addition to the two new bells for Barford, we also saw the new treble bell for Broughton-in-Furness being cast.
The new/refurbished bells were returned to Barford during the week commencing August 29th, when work started on installing them in the tower. A team of local volunteers, including David Hall, a consultant engineer, and Jon Manicom, a skilled craftsman, carried out much of the work under the professional supervision of a master bell-hanger from Loughborough.
In the meanwhile the training of a band of ringers (from school children to retired persons) has been undertaken by David Ellis (tower captain) with the help of other local ringers.
The new ring of six bells is to be dedicated on October 2nd by Bishop Vernon Nicholls during the Harvest Festival, and will be rung for the first time by an all-local band.
Harvest and Christmas 1994, not to mention Autumn weddings will be marked by the joyful sound of Barford’s new peal."

The inscriptions on the original three bells is given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire"

The first quarter peal on the bells was rung by the local band: Barford, Warks. 2 Dec 1994, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: Ruth Border 1, David Morrow 2, Rev Gordon Benfield 3, David Ellis 4, Peter Border (C) 5, Michael Ashton 6. By a local band. 1st Q on the newly augmented bells, sponsored for the church development appeal.  It did help to have some very well known ringers living in the village!

The first peal on the bells, again rung by the local band, was rung on 11th November 1995, the ringers including the incumbent of the church.

The entrance is from inside the church and limited on-street parking is available near to the church

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor, Loughborough   1994  3-0-18  23.375"  1676.0Hz (G#+16c)
2 John Taylor, Loughborough   1994  3-1-22  24.375"  1504.0Hz (F#+28c)
3 Gloucester foundry        c.1330  3-0-00  25.00"   1342.0Hz (E+31c)
4 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston     1709  3-3-02  26.50"   1258.0Hz (D#+19c)
5 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe    1639  4-1-20  29.50"   1132.0Hz (C#+36c)
6 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe    1661  4-3-22  31.00"   1006.0Hz (B+32c)

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