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The information contained in this web site is for general information only, and is intended as a companion to visiting ringers, local ringers, and bell historians. Impressions are mainly based on the web authors own visits, often some years distant. It contains information about all change ringing intallations and also chimes of 3 or more bells, with the exception of clock chimes, where the cut-off point is 4 bells.  There are literally hundreds of places with one or two bells hung for chiming, but the limited interest in these bells does not warrent the time that would be required to produce a webpage for each of them.

Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the correctness of the information on this website, you are advised to make further checks before any visit.

The individual tower pages contain ringing times. Before visiting, please check that ringing will take place as stated, as it often might not! For details of the tower contacts, refer to the appropriate Guilde Website, Guild Report, or contact the Guild Secretary, or the Branch Secretary.

Please let me know of any inaccuracies and/or omissions and I will correct them as soon as possible. It would be very helpful if you would quote any source for a correction so that it can be verified. No source is infallible, and it is only by highlighting discrepancies and then checking the data at source that errors can be eliminated.

Information contained in web sites linked to from this web site are the copyright of the website owner. Please refer to the terms, conditions and copyright statements of those web sites.

Photographs published on this web site are copyright. If you wish to use any of these photographs please check with me first. A large number of the photographs were taken by me and I will give free access to them; but a number where taken by other photographers and their permission will be required. 


I would like to thank the following people :-

Chris Pickford, the author of "The Steeple, Bells and Ringers of Coventry Cathedral (1987)" (available directly from Chris). Chris has contributed a large amount of information from his extensive researches on Warwickshire bells. He has visited every belfry in the county to record details of the bells, frames and fittings. His notes, mainly collected between 1967 and 1986, were intended as the basis for a revised publication on the bells of the County.

For various reasons - chiefly the lack of a publisher and/or funding for publication - this has never appeared, though Chris hopes to be able to return to the project and complete it for private publication within the next few years. In the meantime, he has readily agreed to provide the basic information from his researches for inclusion here. He has also checked the entire text. Chris would like to be kept informed about changes and improvements in Warwickshire belfries. He is also willing to provide detailed information from his material on request. He can be contacted via e-mail from this link. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Baldwin, who has kept me informed of changes that have been notified via the Dove website, often directly from information from foundries/bellhangers and I am grateful to John for passing on the information that has been supplied by these busy people.

Keith Chambers of Wolston, who provided much of the initial data.

David Bagley of Worcester, whose idea I have shamelessly copied!

Much of the information about the history of the church building comes from British History Online


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