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WISHAW St Chad 3, 6-0-6 in Bb

Grid Reference 139/176946 Wishaw Church - Source: Rob Farrow
Postcode B76 9QB
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals None
Sunday None
Practice None

History Of The Bells

Originally there were three bells, but the broken tenor was sold in 1830 for £21 leaving a vacant pit in the frame, this probably dating from the rebuilding of the tower in about 1700. The two remaining bells were rehung with new ringing fittings by a Mr Holbeach for £6/4/-. They were put on ball bearings in 1954 when the bells were quarter turned and rehung, probably by Gillett and Johnston. The treble is a maiden bell, the second has been chip tuned.

More recently the frame has been strengthened by Hayward Mills Associates, and, in 1997, the same firm installed a redundant bell (originally at St. Michael's, Derby) to create a perfectly ringable three, all of which retain their canons. All the bells have also been quarter turned.

Details of the Bells

1 John Martin, Worcester     1650  4½ cwt  28.75"  1198.5Hz (D+35c)
2 John Martin, Worcester     1650  5½ cwt  31.50"  1070.5Hz (C+39c)
3 Thomas Mears, Whitechapel  1809  6-0-6   32.875"  955.5Hz (Bb+43c)

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