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TYSOE The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 6; 12-0-18 in F

Grid Reference 151/341444 Tysoe Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV36 4NQ
Recording None Available
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday By Arrangement


Wednesday 2000-2100

History Of The Bells

Set in the middle of the village of Middle Tysoe, this is a nice church upon which some considerable sum of money has recently been spent restoring the stonework.

Richard Sanders installed a ring of six here in 1719, the fourth and fifth being subsequently recast. The lowside frame and fittings are by Taylors, 1912. Around this time the parish had attempted to raise money (in 1910) for a completely new ring of eight, tenor 29 cwt, but when the funds proved insufficient they rehung the existing bells instead. The canons have been removed from all the bells and all, bar the Rudhall bell, are listed.

The notes are all, except the treble, just above half way between two semitones. The treble is a fraction flatter than the rest of the ring.

The bells until the mid 1990s were rung from the ground floor, but now are rung from the first floor, up an internal wooden staircase. The 5th is the last known bell of the Bagley dynasty. The 5 bells that were still on plain bearings were rehung on ball bearings in 2003. All the ring bar the Rudhall bell are "listed".

There is a 15" diameter sanctus bell in the gable over the chancel arch. It was probably recast by Blews in 1886 from a bell dated 1715 and sounds the note B.

Details of the Bells

1 Richard Sanders, Bromsgrove          1719   4-2-27  29.50"   1132.0Hz (D-64c)
2 Richard Sanders, Bromsgrove          1719   5-2-18  31.875"  1020.0Hz (C-44c)
3 Richard Sanders, Bromsgrove          1719   6-3-01  34.00"    907.0Hz (Bb-48c)
4 Abel Rudhall, Gloucester             1750   8-0-14  36.00"    857.0Hz (A-46c)
5 Matthew Bagley III, Chipping Norton  1782   9-1-27  38.50"    764.0Hz (G-45c)
6 Richard Sanders, Bromsgrove          1719  12-0-18  43.25"    679.0Hz (F-49c)

Photo Gallery

tysoe2_small tysoe3_small
The Church -
Looking East
In a modern recess in the chancel
is a tomb with a stone recumbent effigy
of William Clarke, a patron of the church,
died 17 September 1618.



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