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STONELEIGH St Mary the Virgin 6, 10-2-14 in G

Grid Reference 140/330726 Stoneleigh Church - Source: Mapio
Postcode CV8 3DN
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1015-1100 (exc 1st)
Practice Thursday 1930-2100

History Of The Bells

A very pleasant village near to the National Agricultural Centre that hosts the Royal Show. Formerly having a somewhat paternalistic Leigh family, up at the Abbey means that there is no pub in the village, only a club. Following the signs from the A46, as you enter the village centre you bear to the right and quickly turn left towards the church. Limited parking is available by the churchyard gate. Entry is via the west tower door and thence up a wooden staircase to the ringing room.

The third bell, which is listed, has the initials "R K" on the waist of the bell and these are presumed to be those of Richard Kidderminster, last abbot of Winchcombe, who held office from 1488 to 1531. It is also presumed that this bell was initially cast by John Wooley, then a servant to the Selioks in Nottingham and later in business by himself, for Winchcombe Abbey. The Briant bell is similarly thought to be a recasting of a bell from the Abbey.

Tilley and Walters noted that the five bells were "fixed dead, with hammers, and never rung". The bells now go well, the then five bells being rehung in a six-bell cast iron lowside frame by Taylors in 1956 and the treble being added in 1962-3. The treble was cast with a flat top and the canons have been retained on the other bells, these having canon retaining headstocks. They also have been quarter turned.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1962   4-0-06 26.50"  1318.0HZ (E-1c)
2 Thomas Eayre I, Kettering        1752   5-3-19 31.00"  1176.0Hz (D+2c)
3 John Wooley Nottingham          c1525   5-1-23 31.50"  1047.0Hz (C+1c)
4 Hugh Watts, Leicester            1632   6-0-15 32.00    988.0Hz (B+0c)
5 John Briant, Hertford            1792   7-3-02 35.50    881.0Hz (A+2c)
6 Hugh Watts, Leicester            1632  10-2-14 39.25"   782.0Hz (G-4c)

Photo Gallery

stoneleigh2_small stoneleigh3_small stoneleigh6_small
The Church -
Looking East
The Alice Leigh Memorial Looking Down on the Bells.
Shows the 6.3 Layout of the Frame 
stoneleigh4_small stoneleigh5_small stoneleigh_plan_small
Looking west, the ringing
room is behind the organ
The carving on the
Norman chancel arch.
 Plan of the Church

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