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SMETHWICK* Old Church 8, 7-1-7 in B

Grid Reference 139/020876 Smethwick Church - Source: David Kelly
Postcode B67 6EQ
Recording None Available
Affiliations St Martin's Guild &
Worcestershire & Districts Assoc
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 0945-1015
Practice Wednesday 1945-2100

History Of The Bells

This church was consecrated on 13 September 1732 as a chapel of Harborne. It was never given a dedication, it was first known as the Old Chapel, Smethwick Chapel or Parkes’s Chapel. Dorothy Parkes (1644-1727) left money in her will to build the church. In 1842 it became the parish church of a new parish covering the southern half of Smethwick. One bell was cast by Joseph Smith of Edgbaston in 1732, 5½cwt in B. It now hangs from the roof beams of the tower.

The tower now contains a modern ring of 8 bells, cast in 1977 and hung the following year. These replaced a previous ring of 8 that were cast by the local firm of Carr in 1897 at a cost of £325. However, these were not deemed to be satisfactory bells and they were replaced in 1899, though retaining the 1897 date in the inscriptions. They were hung in a two-tier frame, the second being in a wooden frame above the others in a metal frame.

Though the bells were well used, 61 peals being rung prior to WWII, they fell out of use by about 1950. In 1963 a faculty was issued for major works on the church, including the removal of all the bells, except the 7th. Taylors scrapped the seven bells and refurbished the remaining one for ringing in the old frame. The bells were described as not being a particularly tuneful ring. The remaining bell was then scrapped when a new ring of 8 was given in memory of Doris Evelyn Adams.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    2-1-11  21.00    1996.0Hz (B+18c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    2-3-18  22.00"   1887.0Hz (A#+21c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    3-0-02  23.125"  1676.0Hz (G#+15c)
4 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    3-0-12  23.75"   1492.0Hz (F#+14c)
5 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    3-1-14  25.375"  1324.0Hz (E+7)
6 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    3-3-19  26.625"  1249.0Hz (D#+6c)
7 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    5-0-21  29.50"   1112.0Hz (C#+5c)
8 John Taylor & Co, Loughbrough  1977    7-1-01  32.875"   987.0Hz (B-1c)

Details of the Carr Ring

1 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  4-2-19  25.50"   1652.0Hz (G#-10c)
2 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  4-2-02  26.125"  1589.0Hz (Fx+23c)
3 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  4-2-06  27.25"   1401.0Hz (E#+5c)
4 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  4-1-25  28.00"   1244.0Hz (D#-1c)
5 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  5-0-27  30.50"   1077.0Hz (C#-50c)
6 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  5-1-20  31.75"   1027.0Hz (B#-33c)
7 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  7-0-11  34.50"   n/a
8 Charles Carr, Smethwick        1897/9  8-2-02  38.125"   790.0Hz (G+13c)
(scrapping weights)

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