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Here are some pictures of the church and bells.  

They have been thumb-nailed - click on them to enlarge.  


Roker.jpg (46348 bytes) roker2.jpg (56916 bytes) roker7.jpg (135293 bytes) roker8.jpg (64072 bytes)

North View  

The tower entrance is at the bottom right

of the tower as you look in this direction

East View


South View

Inside, looking west, 

the main entrance is in 

the far corner of this picture

roker3.jpg (90880 bytes) roker4.jpg (94602 bytes) roker5.jpg (83402 bytes) roker6.jpg (79297 bytes)

Lady Chapel 

Stained Glass

Sanctuary Ceiling

The Norman & Beard

3 manual organ

View from the 

west end


The Bells


The bells are actually very difficult to photograph well.  The best photograph we have was actually taken in the foundry. 


In the left hand photograph the bell in the middle is the 7th and you can see part of the tenor in the foreground and the 6th in the background. You can also see the headstock of the 4th and the wheel of the 5th.  The 8th & 9th swing in the opposite direction behind them.  The reason it is difficult is obvious if you look at the top of the photograph and notice that you can see the belfry roof immediately above the blue beam - no excess headroom at Roker!  


The second photograph is looking at the tenor from the opposite side.  It was taken standing on the frame by the 5th.  The low ceiling can be more clearly seen in this photograph.


You can clearly see the sound control at the back of the photographs, there being another panel to the left in each case.  Large is a good adjective for these louvres!  The horizontal flap at the top can be opened as desired. 


Shown second right - our pride and joy - the relatively new ringing room ceiling!  It replaced a rainwater stained one made of boards and looks just a little bit better! The wheels have been completely re-soled and re-shrouded since these photographs were taken.

The last photograph is the bells on the floor of the foundry.


roker_7th.jpg (59005 bytes) roker_tenor.jpg (58307 bytes) roker_ceiling.jpg (52591 bytes) roker9.jpg (90880 bytes)
The Seventh The Tenor The Ringing Room Ceiling The Bells in the Foundry 1948


Views of local interest ......

beach.jpg (63023 bytes) piers.jpg (57259 bytes) fountain.jpg (47486 bytes)

The beach looking south

towards the piers


A closer view of the piers

The infamous fountain

roundabout, now planted with

flowers and the top bit removed!

We could not omit Sunderland AFC from this site as it was formerly

housed at Roker Park, which is within our parish

clockstand.jpg (61982 bytes) rokerend.jpg (76157 bytes) stadium.jpg (53751 bytes)

Where the "Clock
Stand" once stood


The Roker End today.


The Magnificant

"Stadium of Light"

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