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RADWAY St Peter 5, 5-0-26 in C (GF)

Grid Reference 151/368480 Radway Church - Source Mike Chester
Postcode CV35 0UE
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None


A pretty little church with a nice ring of 5. The parish church consists of a chancel (29 ft. by 15 ft.) with a north vestry and organ-chamber, nave (39½ ft. by 16 ft.), north and south aisles (9½ ft. wide), south porch and a west tower (11½ ft. square) with a spire. The walls are of local Edge Hill stone: some of it may be re-used material but the only ancient carved or moulded stones are two gargoyles reset in the west face of the tower. In the chancel against the north wall are the remains of a stone recumbent effigy of a priest in mass vestments, probably of the 15th century. The head is missing. The feet rested on a dog.

The whole installation was installed 1868, given in her will by Mrs Magan of Cheltenham, the cost being £280. This is contemporary with the time then the parish church was rebuilt in a different part of the village to the original church. The old church had a single bell cast by C & G Mears in 1845, weighing 6-3-3.

The bells were rehung with new fittings by Mears & Stainbank in the existing oak frame in 1949 at which time they were quarter turned but the canons were left in situ. A fairly long draft, ringing is around around the font, but the bells are not that difficult to ring.

The frequencies of the bells were taken in June 2013 by Chris Pickford and these show that the bells are, just, in the key of C and not B as has up to now been reported.

Park opposite the churchyard gate and enter via the south door into the church.  There is a toilet round the back of the tower. There is a Civil War Exhibition at the back of the church and opening the church door turns on the lighting for this.  One of the lights is in the ringing chamber, so don't be suprised if you find yourself in the spotlight!

Details of the Bells

1 Robert Stainbank, London  1868  3-0-08  24.00"  1535.0Hz (G-37c)
2 Robert Stainbank, London  1868  3-1-08  24.50"  1362.0Hz (F-44c)
3 Robert Stainbank, London  1868  3-2-22  25.00"  1289.0Hz (E-39c)
4 Robert Stainbank, London  1868  4-1-02  27.00"  1149.0Hz (D-38c)
5 Robert Stainbank, London  1868  5-0-26  29.25"  1019.0Hz (C-46c)

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East. Source: Mike Chester The Ringing Chamber. Source: Mike Chester Civil War Exhibition. Source: Mike Chester
The Church - Looking East The Ground Floor
Ringing Chamber
One of the Civil War Exhibition Cases

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