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MAXSTOKE St Michael 2, 3½cwt in D

Grid Reference 139/235868 maxstoke.jpg
Postcode B46 3AD
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The church was built at around the same time as the nearby priory; c.1340. The plan is a plain rectangle about 59½ ft. long by 26 ft. The walls are of local red sandstone ashlar. At the west end, built within the walls, is a modern square bellturret. On the south side is a modern vestry.

These are hung for ringing in the western tower. The bellframe was installed in 1772 and the fittings appear to be contemporary with the frame.  Thomas Hancox died in the year that the smaller bell was cast and it bears his mark. It is, therefore, possible that it was cast by his son, Thomas Hancox II.  The larger bell is a late example of the founder's work. Both bells are maiden castings, retain their canons and have not been turned.

The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire":

Details Of The Bells

1 Thomas Hancox, Walsall    1631  2¾cwt 23.25"  (F#)
2 Hugh Watts II, Leicester  1641  3½cwt 32.625" (D)

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