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GUY'S CLIFFE HOUSE Chapel 2, 2½cwt

Grid Reference 151/293668 guysc.jpg
Postcode CV34 5YD
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 In 1423 Richard, Earl of Warwick, was licensed to found a chantry in honour of God and St Mary in the chapel. The chapel and other buildings were rebuilt between 1449-50 and 1459-60. The chapel stands on a cliff west of Guy’s Cave and consists of two parallel aisles of five bays with a porch and small tower at the centre of the South wall. Under the building is a rock-cut passage which was extended c1825 and fitted with a carved 15th century doorway from Wellesbourne Church. It is not certain when the chapel was first built but a lancet window uncovered in the North wall in 1933 might suggest a 13th century date. The E\st’ wall, base of the tower, the porch vault, and base of the arcade between the aisles are 15th century and there are various later alterations and additions

These bells hang between separate pairs of wooden beams bwtween the East and West walls of the tower, with the treble above the tenor. The fittings of the treble are C18 and that of the tenor contemporary with the bell. Both bells retain their canons.

Details Of The Bells

1 Mathew Bagley, Chacombe      1688  1¾cwt  19.00"
2 W Blews and Son, Birmingham  1875  2½cwt  22.50"

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