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BADDESLEY ENSOR St Nicholas 2, 14-2-11 in F Unringable

Grid Reference
140/270985; b_endsor.jpg
Postcode CV9 2BQ
Other Information Church Website   Unringable


The smaller bell hung in the previous Norman church and was transferred when the new church, designed by Henry Clutton, was built in 1846. The tower is over the South Transept, or vestry, and, unusually, the stairs to the tower also give access to the pulpit.

The larger bell was provided for the new church. It swings north-south in an oak frame in the centre of the tower provided by the founder in 1846. The cost of this bell was £106/19/9. It sounds a note between F and E natural.

The smaller bell is hung to the east of the larger bell. There is a large piece missing from the soundbow of the smaller bell. The smaller bell cannot be rung and it is thought to be inadvisable to ring the larger bell. The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walters' book, "The Church Bells of Warwickshire":


Details Of The Bells

1 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston  1706   2½cwt  1020.5Hz  (C-44c)
2 C & G Mears, London      1846  14-2-11  682.5Hz  (F-40c)

Photo Gallery

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The Larger Bell

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