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HAMPTON LUCY, St Peter 5, 8cwt

Grid Reference 151/257570 Hampton Lucy Church - Source: M Chester
Postcode CV35 8BE
Peals None
Date Lost 1822

History Of The Bells

This is a little-known lost ring, as the former ring of five here was last rung in about 1822.

The three old bells at Hampton Lucy were recast in 1672-3 by Richard Keene of Woodstock who added two bells to make a ring of five. The tenor is believed to have weighed about 8 cwt.

The old church was demolished in 1822 to make way for the present building, and this very grand church was completed in 1826.

The single bell now in the tower was cast by Thomas Mears in 1826. It is a large bell in F, weighing 17-0-9. It was intended as the tenor of a future ring of eight, but neither the other bells - nor the necessary framework - were ever installed.

Details of the Bells

1 Richard Keene, Woodstock  1672/3
2 Richard Keene, Woodstock  1672/3
3 Richard Keene, Woodstock  1672/3
4 Richard Keene, Woodstock  1672/3
5 Richard Keene, Woodstock  1672/3   8cwt

Photo Gallery

hampton_lucy_bell2_small hampton_lucy_bell1_small 
The Bell
hampton_lucy_ringing_chamber_small hampton_lucy_ringing_chambe2r_small hampton_lucy_ringing_chamber3_small
The Ringing Chamber

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