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UMBERSLADE, Baptist Church (Christ Church) 8, 8-0-10 in Ab

Grid Reference 139/146720 Umberslade Baptist Church - Source: M Chester
Postcode B94 6QY
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History Of The Bells

This church was built in 1877, being financed by the owner of the Umberslade Estate, George Frederick Muntz, a wealthy Birmingham industrialist and staunch Baptist.

The bells - all completely devoid of inscriptions - are hung dead and sounded from a chiming machine were provided by Gillett & Bland of Croydon in 1878, being amongst the first products of the Croydon foundry. The cost of the installation, including the carillon and clock was £705/10/-. The machine played a set of 7 tunes. They hang in a two tier wooden frame with 1, 2, 5 & 6 above the others. All have canons.

After being derelict for some years, the bells were brought back into use in 1978 when the chiming machine was restored by members of the Hockley Heath Steam Association, led by Jack Marshall. The installation is largely intact, but is out of use due to a lack of an electricity supply to the church.

The church has been closed - but the building still stands and is in the care of the Historic Chapels Trust.

Details of the Bell s 

1 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  3-1-24  24.50"  1693.5Hz  (Ab+33c)
2 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  3-2-24  25.00"  1600.0Hz  (G+35c)
3 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  4-0-18  26.50"  1428.5Hz  (F+38c)
4 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  4-0-24  27.50"  1274.5Hz  (Eb+41c)
5 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  4-2-09  29.00"  1137.0Hz  (Db+43c)
6 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  5-1-10  30.50"  1064.5Hz  (C+29c)
7 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  6-1-20  33.00"   952.0Hz  (Bb+36c)
8 Gillett & Bland, Croydon  1878  8-0-10  36.50"   843.5Hz  (Ab+26c)

Photo Gallery 

The Church - Looking East. Source: Friends of Umberslade Chapel The Bells. Source: Friends of Umberslade Chapel The Carillon. Source: Friends of Umberslade Chapel
The Church - Looking East The Bells in the Upper Frame The Carillon Mechanism
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