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PRINCETHORPE (R.C), Benedictine Priory of Our Lady of Angels 8, 10cwt in G

Grid Reference 140/394710 Princethorpe Chapel - Source: Derek Wilde
Postcode CV23 9PX
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History Of The Bells

This is the chapel for the Roman Catholic public school and were cast to ringing weights. They are hung dead in two rows of four and chimed from an Ellacombe manual. The weights come from a newspaper report of the dedication in June 1900.

The tower looks strong enough for a ringing peal, just a few tens of thousands of pounds needed. Any offers?! A couple of large water tanks at the top of the tower might make ringing interesting.

There is an Angelus bell(3cwt) hung for swinging - also by Warner 1899.

In the tower of the original chapel there are three small bells by Thomas Mears, 1835, the largest about 2½ cwt. (q.v).

Details of the Bells

1 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   3½cwt  25.25"
2 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   4¼cwt  25.25"
3 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   4½cwt  26.50"
4 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   5½cwt  28.00"
5 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   6¼cwt  30.00" 
6 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   7cwt   32.50"
7 John Warner & Sons, London  1899   7¾cwt  36.00"
8 John Warner & Sons, London  1899  10cwt   39.00"


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