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BADDESLEY CLINTON, St Michael & All Angels 3, 5cwt in Db

Grid Reference 139/202713 Baddesley Clinton Church - Source: Mike Chester
Postcode B93 0DG
Peals None
Date Lost 1938

History Of The Bells

Hung in the seventeenth century ringing oak frame. Rehung "dead" for chiming by Mears & Stainbank in 1938 and chimed from a manual. The treble is likely to have been put into the tower when it was built in the early years of the 16th century.

The bells retain their canons and have been quarter turned. The two larger bells are maiden castings.

The church is geographically in Warwickshire, but is in fact in the Birmingham Diocese

Details of the Bells

1 William Hasylwood, Reading, c.1500  3½cwt 25.875"  1407.0Hz (F+12c)
2 Henry Bagley,                 1678  4cwt  27.75"   1238.5Hz (Eb-8c)
3 Thomas Newcombe,            c.1580  5cwt  30.00"   1123.5Hz (Db+22c)

Photo Gallery

b-clinton_east.jpg b-clinton_ellacombe.jpg Plan of the Church. Source: British History Online
 The Church - Looking East The Ellacombe Apparatus  A Plan of the Church

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