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NETHER WHITACRE St Giles 6, 10-1-0 in G

Grid Reference 139/231929 Nether Whitacre Church - Source: M Chester
Postcode B46 2DY
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1030-1100
Practice Thursday 2000-2100
Other Information Ringers' Website

History Of The Bells

These bells, a complete Smith ring of 1725, originally rang out at Hampton in Arden, Warks (q.v.), but became surplus to requirements when the former Miles Platting, Manchester, ring of eight was installed at Hampton in 1975-6. The "old" ring was transferred to Nether Whitacre in 1976-7. As part of this scheme the bells were retuned, turned and their canons were removed. A new metal "lowside" frame and standard fittings were supplied with the ring. The tenor is in the key of G-47c.

One bell from the former three (no. 2 by Newcombe, 1612, 4¾cwt, 29.25", 1108.0Hz, C#-1c) was preserved for use as a clock bell; the remaining two being sold to Coleshill, Warwickshire, the metal being used as part of their scheme for rehanging and augmentation to 10, completed in 1977. The churchwardens account for 1640 give details of expenditure on a new bellframe and this may have been the one removed from the tower when the six were installed. The three bells all swung north - south.

A new upstairs ringing room was created in 2002.

Look for the sign towards the parish church off the main road through the village, the B4098. You can park by the churchyard gate.

Details of the Bells

1 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725   4-1-26  28.00"   1285.0Hz (E-45c)
2 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725   4-1-26  28.875"  1146.0Hz (D-43c)
3 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725   4-2-14  30.00"   1022.0Hz (C-41c)
4 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725   5-1-13  31.625"   964.0Hz (B-42c)
5 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725   7-0-26  34.313"   859.0Hz (A-42c)
6 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston      1725  10-1-00  36.625"   764.0Hz (G-45c)

Details of the Previous Bells

1 Thomas Hedderly, Nottingham  1783
2 Newcombe, Leicester          1612   4¾cwt,  29.25"    1108.0Hz (C#-1c)
3 Thomas Hedderly, Nottingham  1783   5-3-18

Photo Gallery

whitacre2.jpg whitacre3.jpg whitacre_clock.jpg
The Bells From Above The Bells  The Clock Bell 
The Church - Looking East. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson The Church - Looking West. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson  
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West  

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