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NAPTON ON THE HILL St Lawrence 6, 11-0-11 in F (GF)


Grid Reference 151/463612 Napton Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV45 8NW
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday Sunday 1000-1030 (5th is variable)
Practice Tuesday 1930-2100


History Of The Bells

Unsurprisingly, given the name, this church is on the top of a hill but can be missed - look for the signpost pointing up a small road to the church. There is a fairly easy going ground floor six with an outside tower entrance on the south side.

The Russell bells are the remnants of a complete ring of five put in place shortly after the upper stages of the tower were rebuilt. The tenor was recast and the bells rehung by Warners in 1874 at a cost of £100. Whitechapel restored the bells in 1958, installing a "built-up" lowside frame for six. They added a treble five years later.

The fourth bell cracked in 2002 and was welded by Soundweld and rehung on a new canon retaining headstock by Eayre & Smith. The tenor has "Doncaster" canons and the other old bells retain their canons.

All five older bells have been quarter turned, except the fourth which was turned again (and weighed) in 2002 to become eighth turned. The treble was cast with a flat top. The exact weight of the tenor has been discovered by Chris Pickford from the 1874  invoice. The weight has not changed subsequently.

At some point in the past, the local ringers do not know when or why, the arch in the east wall of the tower was bricked up, meaning that there is no direct access any more from the church to the ground floor ringing room. One wonders if it was to keep the parishioners in or the ringers out!

There is room for a few cars by the churchyard gate.

On one approach road to the village there is a fierce hump-backed bridge over the canal - drive slowly! It is vicious enough to be used to test Land Rover Vehicles.

Details of the Bells

1 Mears & Stainbank,          1963   3-3-09  27.625"  1172.0Hz (D-4c)
2 Thomas Russell, Wootton     1731   4¼cwt   29.25"   1050.0Hz (C+6c)
3 Thomas Russell, Wootton     1731   5cwt    31.25"    929.5Hz (Bb-5c)
4 Thomas Russell, Wootton     1731   6-2-23  33.25"    883.0Hz (A+6c)
5 Thomas Russell, Wootton     1731   8cwt    36.75"    782.0Hz (G-4c)
6 John Warner & Sons, London  1874  11-0-11  41.00"    696.5Hz (F-5c)

Photo Gallery

napton2_small napton3_small
The Church -
Looking East
The Church -
Looking West
(Note the Blocked Door)
napton4_small napton5_small
Ringers in 
front of the
blocked doorway
A door within a
door in the church

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