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MOSELEY* St Anne 6, 7-0-5 in Bb

Grid Reference 139/075836 Moseley St Anne Church - Source David Kelly
Postcode B13 8DL
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1030-100
Practice Tuesday 1900-2100

History Of The Bells

This church was built in 1874 at the sole expense of a local benefactor. It's spire is very prominent and can be seen from afar. The tower and spire stand at the north west corner of the nave.

Shortly after the church was completed, three old bells from St.Mary’s (q.v.) and one new bell were hung in the tower by Barwell's in a 5 bell frame. In 1882 Barwell's submitted quotations for re-casting the ancient bells, replacing the old fittings and providing a new tenor bell, all at a cost of £107. This work was never completed.

In 2000 the bells were retuned, a redundant bell from Bagworth in Leicestershire added and the ring rehung for swing chiming. The work was undertaken by Hayward Mills Associates at a cost of £24,380.

In 2008 the chime was turned into a ringing peal of 6, with the tenor replaced by a new bell and the previous one kept as a service bell. A bell cast by Warner in 1904, inscribed J WARNER & SONS LONDON 1904, from a church in Grimsby was been identified by the Keltek Trust as being suitable to become the treble. The treble has had its canons removed and the tenor was cast with a flat top; the middle four bells retain their canons.

Details of the Bells

1 John Warner & Sons, Cripplegate        1904  1-3-07  20.56"   1606.5Hz (G+42c)
2 Hugh Watts II, Leicester               1638  2-0-24  22.50"   1425.0Hz (F+34c)
3 John Martin, Worcester                 1650  2-3-06  24.75"   1271.5Hz (Eb+37c)
4 William Brooke, Bromsgrove             1740  3-1-16  27.125"  1200.5Hz (D+38c)
5 James Barwell, Birmingham              1874  4-3-26  30.00"   1072.5Hz (C+42c)
6 Hayward Mills Associates, Nottingham   2008  7-0-05  33.00"    954.5Hz (Bb+31c)

Service Bell   
  George Oldfield, Nottingham            1665  4-0-16  30.25"    953.0Hz (Bb+38c)

Photo Gallery

The Chancel. Source:  
The Chancel   

BelLs as A Swing Chime

moseley_st_anne2.jpg moseley_st_anne3.jpg  
The levers and ropes removed
at the start of the conversion
to a ringing peal
A Close-Up of the canons
when hung as a chime 

Bells as a Ringing Peal  

anne_treble_small.jpg anne_2nd_small.jpg anne_3rd_small.jpg
The Treble 
(Service Bell Just
Visible Behind)
The Second The Third 
anne_4th_small.jpg anne_5th_small.jpg anne_tenor_small.jpg
The Fourth The Fifth The Tenor

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