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LITTLE COMPTON St Denys 5, 6-2-6 in Bb (GF)

Grid Reference 151/261303 Little Compton Church - Source: Mike Chester
Postcode GL56 0SA
Recording None Available
Affiliation Oxford DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None

History Of The Bells

This parish was originally in a detached portion of Gloucestershire until it was transferred to Warwickshire in 1844. It still lies within the Diocese of Oxford, though Tilley and Walters state that at the time of publication of their "Church Bells of Warwickshire" the church was in the Diocese of Gloucester. The tower is one that is "different" in that it has a saddleback roof.

A complete ring of five of 1720 by Abraham Rudhall II, the treble of which was recast in 1810 (by John Rudhall, at a cost of £19/1/1 plus 18/- to William hunt for hanging it) and again in 1899 by Bond of Burford, at which time they rehung the bells in a new framework of steel girders and with new fittings. The treble was cast without canons and those of the other bells were removed.

They were rehung on ball bearings in 1970. The bells were removed for restoration in 1990 and sent to Whitechapel where they were retuned. However the cost of associated structural repairs to the tower delayed completion and the job was not finished until 1999. The treble was quarter turned and the rest one-eighth turned. They hang in a cast iron frame for six manufactured by Whites of Appleton.

There has been some hope that a treble may be added to complete the six, though nothing has been heard of about this for a while.

There is some parking by the church wall - enter via the door to the left of the tower in the picture.

Details of the Bells

1 H. Bond & Sons, Burford         1899  3-1-24  25.50"  1398.0Hz (F+1c)
2 Abraham Rudhall II, Gloucester  1720  3-3-19  27.00"  1244.5Hz (Eb+0)
3 Abraham Rudhall II, Gloucester  1720  4-1-07  28.00"  1175.0Hz (D+1c)
4 Abraham Rudhall II, Gloucester  1720  5-0-11  30.25"  1046.7Hz (C+0c)
5 Abraham Rudhall II, Gloucester  1720  6-2-06  33.75"   932.3Hz (Bb+0c)

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East. Source: Mike Chester The Chancel. Source: Mike Cox The Church - Looking West. Source: Rex Harris
The Church - Looking East The Chancel The Church - Looking West

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