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LEA MARSTON St John the Baptist 3, 6-1-8 in B - Anticlockwise

Grid Reference 139/927204 Lea Marston Church - Source M Chester
Postcode B46 1GA
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals None
Sunday None
Practice None
Other Information Anticlockwise

History Of The Bells

There is evidence of a church being here in 1252. The church was enlarged in the fifteenth century. In 1876-77 the chancel was rebuilt and the north-west tower was added

Hung for ringing, anticlockwise, in a wooden frame, possibly from 1793, therefore pre-dating the current tower, as this is carved into the frame alonsdie the intials "T P", with fittings supplied in 1907 by James Barwell of Birmingham, at a cost of £33/2/6. These bells are perfectly ringable. There looks to be room for 2 bells swinging at 90 degrees to the existing 3. Any offers? These, however, would need some time on the tuning machine in order to bring them into a diatonic scale - listen and find out how much!

The tuning figures, supplied by Bill Hibbert are very roughly as follows (hum, prime, tierce, nominal):

Treble : 322  589  746  1254
Second:  293  571  664  1059
Tenor :  270  464  589   985

Therefore, the three nominals are D#+ 13c, C + 21, B - 5. The spacing of the bells from treble to second to tenor is roughly 3 semitones and 1 semitone. This is not a combination that occurs in a major diatonic scale. The middle bell is a semitone flat of where it "should" be.

The present tenor replaces one cast in 1629, weighing 5-2-7. Vestry records show that by 1873 the treble had been cracked for some time. The bells were transferred and the old frame and fittings reused when the new tower was built. They all retain their canons. The two tenors have been quarter turned, the treble not having been turned.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1873  5-1-13  29.50"  1254.0Hz (D#+12c)
2 John Rudhall, Gloucester         1791  5½ cwt  30.25"  1059.0Hz (C+21c)
3 John Taylor & Son, Loughborough  1855  6-1-08  32.50"   985.0Hz (B-5c)


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