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KINETON St Peter 8, 10-0-5 in F#

Grid Reference 151/335510 Kineton Church - Source Coventry DG
Postcode CV35 0HN
Affilation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 0950-1030
Practice Monday 1930-2100
Other Information Ringing Centre

History Of The Bells

Set in the middle of this village you cannot miss this church. It is worth having a moment to look around it before ringing the pleasant bells.

These were hung in an 8-bell frame by Gillett & Johnston at the time of the 1913 restoration. A scheme to fill the vacant pits has just been completed. This involved selling the overweight treble to Charlwelton in Northamptonshire, to augment this ring from 4 to 5, and adding three new bells. The new bells were installed in late November 2008 and the first ringing on them was on Bonfire Night!

There was a church here by 1135, of which nothing remains. Part of the tower is late C12, substantial work was carried out in the middle years of C18, but most of this was changed in the Victorian restoration of the church, overseen by John Belcher in 1874-82 for the Rev. Francis Miller (Vicar 1834-1890). There were "iij bells one little bell" in 1552, then Abraham Rudhall I cast a complete ring of 5 in 1703.

The treble appears at first glance to have been added soon after and shortly afterwards the tenor required recasting. However, Chris Pickford has unearthed evidence that suggests that though the treble, though dated 1716, was probably added "second hand" to the ring some time between about 1735 and 1749. The donor, according to the Rudhall Catalogues, was almost certainly William Freeman (more often spelled as Freman) of Aspenden Hall and Hamells Park in Hertfordshire. He was born in 1702 and it is therefore very unlikely that he would have given a bell to Kineton at the age of 14.  (He did, however, donate a number of bells to churches around his homes in the years up to his death in 1749 and also two trebles to Magdalen College in 1739/40 to make the chapel's ring up to ten.) This would partly account for it being out of proportion with the rest of the ring.

The fifth, weighing about 8cwt, became cracked in 1910 and the bell was recast and the ring tuned and rehung three years later. The new bell was cast without canons and those of the other bells were removed. The bells were rehung on ball bearings by Taylors in 1967. Bells 4, 5 & 6 and the tenor have been quarter turned. The new trebles were cast without canons in 2008.

Notice that the treble of the 6 was heavier than bells 2, 3 and 4. G & J records show frequencies in 1913 as: 1252, 1127, 1003, 939, 846 & 752Hz.

This church is now a CC Recognised Ringing Centre, called "The Edgehill Ringing Centre". 

Park by the churchyard wall.  If you have to ask for directions - pronouce Kineton to rhyme with "Fine Ton"!

Details of the Bells

1 Taylor, Eayre & Smith Ltd      2008   3-3-12  25.125" 1502.0Hz (F#+26c)
2 Taylor, Eayre & Smith Ltd      2008   4-0-02  26.00"  1409.0Hz (E#+15c)
3 Taylor, Eayre & Smith Ltd      2008   4-0-14  27.00"  1253.0Hz (D#+12c)
4 Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester  1703   4-1-09  28.75"  1128.5Hz (C#+31c)
5 Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester  1703   4-3-00  30.00"   999.0Hz (B+20c)
6 Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester  1703   5-0-07  31.375"  932.5Hz (A#+0c)
7 Gillett & Johnston, Croydon    1913   8-0-18  35.875"  843.5Hz (G#+27c)
8 Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester  1717  10-0-05  39.875"  752.0Hz (F#+28c)

Previous Treble (of 6)

1 Abraham Rudhall I, Gloucester  1716   5-1-00  29.50"  1250.5Hz (D#+8c)


Photo Gallery

kineton2_small kineton3_small kineton4_small kineton1913_small
The new treble,
given in memory
of Harry Windsor
The New Second  The New Third The Bells at the G&J
Foundry at Croydon
in 1913
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