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ILMINGTON St Mary 8, 12-3-26 in E (GF)

Grid Reference 151/210435 Ilmington Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV36 4LB
Recording None Available
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday Not Known
Practice Tuesday 1930-2100

History Of The Bells

In the middle of another pretty village, St Mary's holds a good ring of eight that is rung from the ground floor. The six bells were rehung by Taylors in 1952, the bells being hung in an 8 bell frame. The empty pits were filled in October 2000. The Bond bell was noticeably sharp and this was sent to Taylors to be retuned as part of the augmentation scheme, the previous weight was 6-0-15. It is now slightly lighter than the second.

The back 5 were cast as a ring in 1641 and are extremely attractive bells to look at. They are "a pronderous and full throated old style ring" (CJP). The treble was added in 1921 by Thomas Bond of Burford, whose father, Henry Bond, had rehung and quarter turned the Bagley bells in 1903. It was probably at this time that the canons were removed from the existing bells. The three trebles were all cast with flat tops.

The church can be seen as you drive by, but is a just little difficult to get close to unless you know how! Go through the village until you are just past parallel with the tower, with it to your right, and there is a side road that leads to the churchyard gate. Enter the church via the south door.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  2000   5-2-04  28.375"  1356.0Hz (E+49c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  2000   6-0-14  29.375"  1275.0Hz (D#+42c)
3 Thomas Bond, Burford            1921   5-3-26  30.875"  1140.0Hz (C#+48c)
4 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe        1641   7-1-10  33.50"   1017.0Hz (B+50c)
5 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe        1641   7-2-10  35.375"   903.0Hz (A+45c)
6 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe        1641   8-1-25  37.375"   850.0Hz (G#+40c)
7 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe        1641  10-2-17  40.25"    753.0Hz (F#+30c)
8 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe        1641  12-3-26  44.25"    669.5Hz (E+27c)

Photo Gallery

ilmington2_small ilmington3_small
The Ground Floor
Ringing Room
The fine Norman arch
leading to the sanctuary.



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