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HONINGTON All Saints 6, 11cwt in Ab (GF)

Grid Reference 151/261426 Honington Church - Source David Kelly
Postcode CV36 5AB
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None


This estate church is just off the old A34, now the A3400 - look for the signpost just south of Tredington. The square west tower is constructed in a limestone ashlar dated to around 1275 - 1300. The rest of the church is built in a classical style to resemble a London church of the 17th century (circa 1680). It was built the same time as the large country house of Honington Hall which it adjoins. The painted interior has several interesting monuments including a double statue to Sir Henry and his son 1713.

These are a ring of 6 rung from the ground floor. They were probably cast as a ring of five by Bagley and augmented by Rudhall to six in 1810. It is likely that this new bell was originally cast for Newnham on Severn, where the treble and tenor bells had proven to be unsatisfactory. Previously, the fourth required recasting in 1726. 

The wooden frame and fittings are by Thomas Mallaby & Sons of Masham, 1892 (cost £90). The bells have been quarter turned and retain their canons.

The first peal on the bells was rung in 1908 - notice that the village was then part of an exclave of Worcestershire and was only transferred to Warwicskhire in 1931.:

The inscriptions are given in Tilley and Walters' book, "Church Bells of Warwickshire":

The entrance is at the base of the tower and not through the church.

The bells go reasonably well, some much needed routine maintenance being carried out recently.

Details of the Bells

1 John Rudhall, Gloucester        1810   4½cwt  29.00"   1371.5Hz (F-32c)
2 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe        1687   5cwt   29.875"  1239.5Hz (Eb-7c)
3 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe        1687   5¾cwt  31.75"   1080.5Hz (Db-45c)
4 Abraham Rudhall II, Gloucester  1726   6½cwt  33.125"  1040.5Hz (C-10c)
5 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe        1687   8cwt   37.00"    908.0Hz (Bb-46c)
6 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe        1687  11cwt   40.75"    812.5Hz (Ab-38c)

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson The Church - Looking West. Source Aidan MacRae Thomson The Cherub. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson 
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West The infamous 'ugliest
cherub in Warwickshire', 
with his misshapen
cranium, on the monument
to Joseph Townsend (d.1793).

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