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HONILEY St John the Baptist 6, 6-2-4 in A

Grid Reference 139/245722 Honiley Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV8 1PW
Affilation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None
Other Information Please do not park on the road that goes up to the church
or by the houses by the church gate.


A small estate church, St John's stands all but by itself at the end of a lane. The church  was built in 1723. The inscription on the west tower reads: ad gloriam dei iohannes sanders: arm: propriis sumptibus hanc ecclesiam aedificavit anno salutis: mdccxxiii It was built at the expense of John Sanders Esq of Honiley Hall. He died in 1727 and left money in his will to pay for the installation of a ring of bells, this being done in 1731.

The bells are a ring of 6, augmented from 5 in 1978. Barwells rehung the bells with new fittings in 1888 at a cost of £41 15s 0d. The five bells were again rehung and quarter turned, this time with a new H-frame and fittings, by Taylors in 1955.

The treble was cast in 1978 using metal from the single bell from the demolished church of St. Thomas's, Coventry. Taylors provided additional steel framework for the new bell which hangs above the others. The treble was cast flat and the canons were removed from the others during the 1955 rehanging.

Turn off the main road by the Dogs Trust Kennels and the Honiley Court Hotel and as the road bears right the church is to the left up a private road. The residents have requested that cars do not park on this road or by the houses near the church gate.  They are very amenable to ringing at this church and you are asked to respect this request

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1978  3-1-13  24.50"   1516.0Hz (F#-42c)
2 Thomas Eayre, I Kettering       1731  4-1-02  27.00"   1353.5Hz (E+45c)
3 Thomas Eayre, I Kettering       1731  4-1-16  28.375"  1205.0Hz (D+44c)
4 Thomas Eayre, I Kettering       1731  4-1-14  28.75"   1134.5Hz (C#+40c)
5 Thomas Eayre, I Kettering       1731  5-1-26  31.375"  1006.5Hz (B+33c)
6 Thomas Eayre, I Kettering       1731  6-2-04  33.75"    895.0Hz (A+29c)

Photo Gallery

The Apse. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson The West End. Source: Aidan MacRae Thomson
The Apse The West End

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