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Finding the church is fairly easy, sort of! It is on the north side of the River Wear, not surprisingly in the Roker area of Sunderland. If you have an A to Z look for Roker Park Road. The church is just north of Roker Park, no not the old football ground, (which has now been turned into rabbit hutches - oops sorry - desirable residences), the actual park that was there first!

You can get a map from here

Our postcode to use in your sat nav is SR6 9DP.

For those not knowing the city, and without a sat nav, it is probably best to find the coast road, the A183, and follow it.  Not necessarily the quickest method, but the safest!

Coming along the coast road from the north

The road rises quite steeply from a roundabout that used to have a silly fountain on it by the Marriot Hotel. (Brilliant idea this. Build a fountain that has to be switched off when the wind gets up. You've guessed it - the wind is nearly always up! It's only yards from the beach. A six figure sum of money wasted, but it involved European Union money and .............). They eventually filled it with earth and planted flowers! During daylight you will be able to see the church tower from around this point.

Just before the coast road starts to level out you should be able to spot the road to the church, called Rock Lodge Road, which is a couple of hundred yards inland. There is a very large Old People's Home on the corner with a clock turret.

The artistic amongst you may be interested to know that the well known artist L. S. Lowry used to have some of his holidays . in what was then called "The Seaburn Hotel" by this roundabout. He used to go over the road in his slippers and onto the promenade to paint.

Coming along the coast road from the south

The one way traffic system means you cannot turn right off the north end of the bridge over the River Wear. You must travel straight on - be in the right hand lane.  If you have come from the other direction you cannot get to the bridge - not that you would want to!

You have to turn east, (i.e left from the Stadium, right from the bridge), by the Wheatsheaf Pub (pronounced "wee-chief" in Sunderland), into Roker Avernue, and then right at the traffic lights by Lidl and left at the bottom of Church Street North, near to St Peters

Follow this road until you are forced into a 90ยบ left at a small roundabout- (unless you like driving down a cliff face!) and this is the coast road proper. You will go past the Roker Hotel raised up on your left, (you should see the two piers at the entrance to Sunderland Harbour on your right), and then you come to the corner of Roker Park, (not the old football ground, this really is a park!) Take the following left turn 100 yards or so after the park and if you don't stop you will crash into the churchyard wall by the tower!

The entrance is on the north side of the tower. When the ringing stops bang on the door announce yourself to the head that appears from the tower and the key will be ceremonially chucked down from the ringing room window!

Ringing times are:-

Sunday - 9.00 - 9.30am
Tuesday - 7.00 - 9.00pm

The band are mainly in the beginners stages, but are very keen to progress. Visitors are very welcome indeed. Do come along to see us!

Tower Captain

Christine Richardson, 30 North Grove, Sunderland, SR6 9PJ
Tel: (0191) 548 8160

Useful Weblinks

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