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CURDWORTH SS Nicholas & Peter ad Vincula 3, 7½cwt in A

Grid Reference 139/177928 Curdworth Church - Source: M Chester
Postcode B76 9ES
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals None
Sunday None
Practice None

History Of The Bells

These hang in an old wooden frame, fittings being renewed by James Barwell of Birmingham in 1905 at a cost of £38. There has been recent work carried out on the bells by Gordon Lane of Kingsbury to ensure that they remain ringable. They are an anti-clockwise ring and the tuning is 1,2,4 of 5. The tenor's note is exactly half way between A and Bb.

The trebles was cast in 1663 by John Martin of Worcester and it is not a good bell. The second was recast by Thomas Eayre I in Kettering in 1756, at a cost of £14/3/6 for the bell and rehanging the three. The old bell weighed 6-3-21. The founder of the tenor is unknown. The frame itself was probably installed in the middle of the seventeenth century and is "listed". All the bells have been quarter turned and retain their canons. The treble has been tuned to raise its strike note, the other two being maiden castings.

There is normally a chiming rope attached to the tenor and this needs to be switched on the wheel with the ringing rope before the bells can be rung. You can see the old car wheel in the tenor pit round which the rope is coiled.

Details of the Bells

1 John Martin, Worcester     1663  5 cwt   29.375"  1192.5Hz (D+26c)
2 Thomas Eayre I Kettering   1756  5¾ cwt  30.50"   1064.5Hz (C+30c)
3 Midland founder,          C14th  7½ cwt  34.25"    906.0Hz (A+50c)

Photo Gallery

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The Treble The Second The Tenor

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