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BUBBENHALL St Giles, 6, 5-1-13 in Bb (GF)

Grid Reference 140/360725 Bubbenhall Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV8 3BE
Recording None Available
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday None
Practice None

History Of The Bells

This unringable 3 were augmented to 6 for the millennium. The original bells were hung in a medieval(?) frame for full circle ringing before they were converted to a chiming system by having ropes attached to their clappers. Living memory insists that they used to be used regularly about 35 yrs ago. An existing Newcombe of Leicester bell, c1580, is intended to become the clock bell and the old tenor has been used for its metal in the casting of the new bells, leaving only one bell of the original ring. The clock bell is yet to be brought into action, it being in the old wooden frame of c1670. The fifth, which is listed, is the old tenor from the ring of 3 from the redundant church at Little Packington.

The bells were installed in the first week of September 2000 and dedicated on September 17th. The new bells were cast without canons, the older ones retain theirs. Five of the bells hang in a steel and cast iron frame, with third hung above the others in a steel frame.

The church is at the end of a dead end called, unsurprisingly, Church Road - the entrance to the street being in the middle of the village. There is a very enthusiastic local band that positively welcome visitors! Limited car parking is available by the churchyard wall and entry is via the south door.

Details of the Bells

1 J Taylor, Bellfounders Ltd   2000  2-0-12  21.50"   1556.0Hz (G-13c)
2 J Taylor, Bellfounders Ltd   2000  2-2-06  23.00"   1385.0Hz (F-15c)
3 J Taylor, Bellfounders Ltd   2000  2-3-18  24.625"  1235.0Hz (Eb-13c)
4 J Taylor, Bellfounders Ltd   2000  3-1-06  26.00"   1168.0Hz (D-10c)
5 Edward Newcombe, Leicester  c1600  4-0-27  29.00"   1040.0Hz (C-11c)
6 Henry Bagley I, Chacombe     1670  5-1-13  31.75"    924.0Hz (Bb-16c)

Disused Bell

Newcombe of Leicester         c1570  5cwt in C 30.25"

Photo Gallery

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