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BEAUDESERT St Nicholas 6, 6-2-12 in B

Grid Reference 151/152600 Beaudesert Church - Source Coventry DG
Postcode B95 5JY
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database 
Sunday No regular ringing 
Practice Occasional Wednesday 1900-2015
instead of that at Henley in Arden 

History Of The Bells

The church is only a few hundred yards or so from the ring of six at Henley in Arden. It is part of the same benefice. Follow the road down the side of Henley church in order to find the church, you can park by the church hall.

Until recently hese bells were a hopelessly unringable ring of three. The bells hung in a medieval frame with thin replacement timbers, early C18 fittings and C19 wheels; they sounded the notes F, E and C#. The frame was considerably altered during its lifetime and the bells "swung" East to West in parallel pits. All bells had their canons retained, (the second had three canons remaining - and three false iron ones) and none were turned.

The bells were removed from the tower by Taylors on 21st July 2012. A "new" ring has been hung in a fabricated frame lower in the tower for 6, retiring the treble and adding 4 "new" bells to the other two. The fourth and tenor have come from St Nicholas, Guildford where their six of their existing bells were replaced in 2013 with new bells to better match the other four Taylor bells of 1926.  The treble came from Ashburnham Place in Sussex and the second from St Luke, Barrow in Furness, which has been closed and demolished. The former treble was retired from the ring and is hung dead in the old frame for chiming.

The treble has had its canons removed, the third and fifth retain their canons and the others were cast with flat tops.

The bells were successfully rung for the first time on October 22nd 2013.

Details of the New Ring

1 Thomas Mears II, Whitechapel     1817  2-2-00  23.00"  1696.0Hz (G#+36c)
2 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel   1963  2-3-13  24.00"  1511.0Hz (F#+36c)
3 Unknown                        c.1350  3-1-20  26.00"  1364.0Hz (E-59c)
4 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1926  4-3-07  27.75"  1270.7Hz (D#+36c)
5 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston          1711  4-2-08  29.00"  1132.0Hz (C#+36c)
6 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough   1879  6-2-12  32.25"  1008.5Hz (B+36c)

Former Treble
  Unknown                        c.1350  2-1-08  23.00"  1414.5Hz (F+22c)

Details of the Previous unringable Bells

1 Unknown                         c1350  2-1-08  23.00"  1414.5Hz (F+22c)
2 Unknown                         c1350  3-1-20  26.00"  1346.0Hz (E+36c)
3 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston          1711  4-2-12  29.00"  1110.5Hz (C#+3c)

Photo Gallery

beaudesert_west_small beaudesert_ringing_room_small beaudesert_east_small beaudesert_east2_small.jpg
 The Church - 
Looking West
Inside The
Ringing Room 
The East End of
the Church.
Note the stone
 A Closer Look at
the Stone Vaulting
beaudesert3_small.jpg beaudesert2_small.jpg beaudesert4_small.jpg  
The Nave,
Looking West 
The Stunning
Entrance to the
The Weather Vane,
Depicting St Nicholas
Caring for Children. 
beaudesert_tuning_small beaudesert_old_small    
The Back 5 Bells
in the Tuning Shop 
 The Old Bells Prior
to the Restoration
beaudesert_frame_small beaudesert_frame3_small  beaudesert_chime_small  
The Frame Under Construction
at Taylors, September 2013
The Chiming Bell 
beaudesert_2nd_small beaudesert_newframe_small beaudesert_stay_small   
The Second Three to Five, Front to
back, in the New Frame 
Space is at a premium
in the belfry! 

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