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BARSTON* St Swithin 6, 5-2-3 in C (GF)

Grid Reference 139/207780 Barston Church - Source M Chester
Postcode B92 0JU
Recording None Available
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 1000-1030
Practice 2nd Thursday 1845-2000

History Of The Bells

The church has a red brick tower. The bells are in a 6-bell wooden frame by Charles Hope of Berkswell who rehung the bells for £31 in 1856. The treble pit remained empty for just over a century before the back 5 were rehung. being quarter turned, except for the current 4th which was eighth turned, and a treble added Taylors in 1960.

The tenor is 1068Hz - C plus 36 cents and is nearer to being in C than in the key of C# as previously reported in "Dove".

There is a church car park on the west side of the church.

Details of the Bells

1. John Taylor & Co., Loughborough      1960  2-1-22  21.50"  1793.0Hz (A+32c)
2. William Bagley, Chacombe             1691  2-2-07  22.75"  1596.0Hz (G+31c)
3. Matthew & William Bagley, Chacombe   1689  2-3-24  24.00"  1422.0Hz (F+31c)
4. Unknown (blank),                    c1380  2-2-23  24.00"  1345.0Hz (E+34c)
5. Joseph Smith, Edgbaston              1728  3-3-24  27.00"  1197.0Hz (D+33c)
6. Matthew Bagley, Chacombe             1683  5-2-03  30.50"  1068.0Hz (C+35c)

Photo Gallery 

The Church - Looking East. Source A MacRae-Thomson The Church - Looking West. Source A MacRae-Thomson
The Church - Looking East The Church - Looking West

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