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ASHOW Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 4, 6cwt in B (GF)

Grid Reference 140/312702 Ashow Church - Source Mapio
Postcode CV8 2LE
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals None
Sunday None 
Practice None
Other Information Church Website

History Of The Bells

South-West of Kenilworth, just off the B4115 near the entrance to Stoneleigh Abbey.  The Grade I listed church dates from the early 12th century.  The tower was added in the mid 15th century. There are wonderful 18th century box pews in the nave.

The 17th century frame includes some of the timber from an earlier medieval frame and is of a fairly common layout, with an empty central "pit". The frame with is considered to be historically important. The fittings are mostly contemporary with the bells, though the wheels are later. The tenor has had its canons removed, the others retain theirs. None of the bells have been turned.

Until recently these bells had not been rung regularly for some time. There had long been a belief that the bells are unringable. However, recent minor work has meant that these bells are once again ringable, but are not easy to ring. They remain somewhat "fragile" and should be rung for only short periods and "with care".

There is a separate clock bell hung on the roof of the tower, Warners 1867, 16" in diameter and weighing around 1cwt.

Follow the road, a dead end getting ever narrower, through the village and the church is at the end, with a small amount of parking by the village club.

From John Greenhough:
In 1793, Briant of Hertford provided the present ring of four which has a tenor of 6 cwt. While the headstocks and bearings are original, the other fittings appear to have been renewed. Parts of the frame are medieval and the tower dates from the fourteenth century; it is possible that the previous bells are those now struck by the clock in the gatehouse of Stoneleigh Abbey. A lack of interest due to the small number of bells coupled with pessimistic bellhangers' reports had led to doubts over their safety, but only a few minor repairs were necessary to bring them back into order. After over thirty years of silence, they were raised for Sunday service by ringers from Coventry and Stoneleigh. They having rung for several services and opened the Golden Jubilee party in 2002.

Details of the Bells

1 John Briant, Hertford 1793 3cwt   24.00"  1341.5Hz (E+30c)
2 John Briant, Hertford 1793 3½cwt  24.25"  1236.0Hz (D#-12c)
3 John Briant, Hertford 1793 4cwt   28.25"  1130.5Hz (C#+34c)
4 John Briant, Hertford 1793 6cwt   31.00"   995.5Hz (B+14c)

Photo Gallery

ashowtreble_small ashowbell small
The Treble The third bell. Note the
old timber to the left and
the spelling "Hartford"
on the inscription
ashowclock_small ashow_pews_small
The clock bell The wonderful box pews

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